Structure-preserving numerical methods for partial differential equations


Workshop, July 3-7, 2023

Bernoulli Center, EPFL, Switzerland

The workshop will bring together leading experts and junior researchers on structure-preserving numerical methods for partial differential equations. Topics of discussion will include:

  • discrete de Rham complexes over manifolds
  • rigorous a priori and a posteriori error analysis
  • conservation laws in time
  • applications in electromagnetism, elasticity, and relativity


Keynote Speakers


Please contact the organizers via email if you want to participate.

Participants (continuously updated)

  • Jeremias Arf (University Kaiserslautern-Landau)
  • Francesca Bonizzoni (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Wietse Boon (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Andrea Brugnoli (TU Berlin)
  • Ludovico Bruni Bruno (University of Insubria)
  • Martin Campos Pinto (IPP MPG)
  • Theophile Chaumont-Frelet (INRIA)
  • Ingeborg Gjerde (SIMULA)
  • Kaibo Hu (University of Oxford)
  • Jeonghun Lee (Baylor University)
  • Simon Lemaire (INRIA)
  • Yuwen Li (Zhejiang University)
  • Lorenzo Mascotto (UNIMIB)
  • Cecilia Pagliatini (University of Pisa)
  • Francesco Patrizi (University of Florence)
  • Adrian Ruf (University of Oslo)
  • Duygu Sap (University of Oxford)
  • Frederik Schnack (IPP MPG)
  • Jarle Sogn (University of Oslo)
  • Deepesh Toshniwal (TU Delft)
  • Yu Tianwei (ETHZ)
  • Yannis Voet (EPFL)
  • Markus Wess (TU Vienna)
  • Tonnon Wouter (ETHZ)
  • Enrico Zampa (University of Trento)


Talks for keynote speakers will be 1h (including 5 – 10 minutes of questions).

Talks for regular participants will be 30 minutes (including 5 minutes of questions).


There will be ample opportunity to present posters during coffee breaks. All participants, regardless of whether they speak or not, are invited to present their posters. 

Workshop dinner

The workshop dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, 19:00 o’clock, at Chalet Suisse.

Practical information


  • The workshop takes place on the EPFL campus at the university’s Bernoulli Center.
  • The Bernoulli Center is located at the corner of the intersection Chemins des Alambics / Avenue François-Alphonse Forel.
  • You enter the GA building at the North side and take either the stairs or the elevator to the third floor.


  • You can reach Lausanne easily by train. There are direct connections from Geneva and Zurich. You can easily get out at the train stations  Lausanne Gare or Renens Gare.
  • From Lausanne Gare, you can take the Metro M2 to Lausanne-Flon (one stop), walk up the stairs, and take the Metro M1 to either EPFL.
  • From Renens Gare, you can take the Metro M1 to either EPFL.
  • From the metro stations EPFL, you can easily reach the workshop venue, the SwissTech Hotel, and the Starling.

Details: Arrival at Zurich Airport

You can take a train/metro to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich Central station), and from take a train to Lausanne. There are direct connections to Lausanne departing at 5:12, 6:22, 7:22, …, 20:22 (IC 1) and 23:38 (EXT 31498).

The train station at Zurich Airport is a regular (national level) train station, and you can buy your ticket to Lausanne already there. The tickets can be used over the entire day (except for “Sparbillette”), so you can take any train to Lausanne.

You can depart at Lausanne Gare. Leave the building at the Northern exit (either overground or underground). From there you can either take the M2 to Lausanne-Flon (one station) and take the M2 to EPFL, or you can take a taxi.

Details: Arrival at Geneva Airport.

You can take any connection that gets you to Renens Gare or to Lausanne Gare. There are hourly trains departing to Renens Gare at 5:11, 6:11, …, 22:11, 23:10, 23:41, 0:10. This connection (and many others inbetween) also get you to Lausanne-Gare, if you prefer that.

From Renens Gare, it is a short ride with the Metro M2 to EPFL. From Lausanne Gare, you get to EPFL as described above.

Details: Metro and taxis in Lausanne

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Should your train ticket not include a city ticket for your destination, then you can buy a public transport pass in Lausanne. Any ticket for Zone 11+12, such as ‘Grand Lausanne’ will suffice.

You leave the Lausanne train station at the Northern exit

The are taxi stands at Lausanne-Gare (Northern exit).



There are numerous cafeterias on campus. At the EPFL metro station, right next to the SwissTech Hotel, you find further possibilities: the Italian restaurant Gina, the burger place Holy Cow!, and a small Migros grocery store. Vegetarian options are available.